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CV:did I break wind?

sacred_darling in sacred_icons

7 Andy Samberg (4 animated)
most from videos promos for the MTV Movie Awards posted at thelonelyisland


Comment credit edit... its all good!


Ah, these are so great! I'm not sure, I'm either going to snag number four or five...or maybe both. Will credit, of course. :)
take em both!
Awesome!! Taking the watermelon ones and I will credit.
Love the watermelon ones! Snagged those and the last one. Thanks for sharing! :D
no problemo glad you like them

Edited at 2009-05-30 05:32 pm (UTC)
Awesome and hilarious icons. Especially the chest rub and number 4. :D
I thought the chest rub part was kinda hot! haha
I really want watermelon now.
i love these!

taking #3
Andy looks super bad ass in that one!
These are great! Took #6 with credit. It's so mesmerizing. ;D
isn't it!?!
Lol I don't usually use other people's icons, but I will probably employ the watermelon- eating one for tomorrow!! Thanks, will credit! Oh and the last one, when I saw that vid I thought, 'someone needs to make a .gif of that!' Perfect!
Thanks. I love your stuff aswell!
I love the chest hair fluffing moment too.
Spectacular as usual. Tough call, but snagging #6. Thanks!
thank you, thank you. haha
ooo i love the chest rub one lol
taking the watermelon!
great, thanks.